VELUX Training

VELUX training

VELUX Training

MGF roofing we are constantly aiming to improve. Showing our commitment to this by providing additional training to our staff. Recently our staff undertook further training at VELUX, increasing our product knowledge and ensuring that our staff is up to date with the most recent installation procedures and installation techniques.

Working close with VELUX giving feedback on new products and our experience.  Giving valuable feedback to the factory helping VELUX improve their products. This experience and product knowledge is then passed on to our clients, reassuring them that all our installations are of the highest standard.


Why is training important?

Training ensures our staff have the level of competency and knowledge that is required to carry out the task to the required standard. This is why we are proactive in staff development. Providing a higher level of training to our staff benefits not only us but our clients as well. Guaranteeing the high-quality workmanship they expect.