VELUX installer Edinburgh

Claiming to be a VELUX installer Edinburgh is something that most roofing and joinery companies claim to be able to do in Edinburgh. Any company can buy VELUX roof windows from building merchants and install it. That being the case, how certain are you that it has been installed correctly and did the people who installed it have the correct knowledge and training? MGF Roofing is a certified VELUX installer in Edinburgh, we ensure that our staff have the correct training and knowledge to carry out the tasks required.

Why Choose a Certified VELUX installer?

As a certified VELUX installer, we have to adhere to strict guidelines set out by VELUX. This includes regular installation checks, training and product updates. USing a certified installer allows our clients to be sure that every single window installed is back by the manufacturer. Should there be any issues we have the technical support of VELUX behind us to provide product resolution and advice if required.

VELUX Training

MGF roofing we are constantly aiming to improve. Showing our commitment to this by providing additional training to our staff. Recently our staff undertook further training at VELUX  to increase our product knowledge and ensure that our staff is up to date with the most recent installation procedures and installation techniques.

VELUX Guarantee

VELUX has been manufacturing windows for 70 years, as such have a vast knowledge of what works and what doesn't. Issuing a 10 year guarantee on most of there roof window products. Testimony that reliability and quality of the highest standards and that their commitment does not end after the product has been installed. Most of the windows that we replace are over 20 years old further showing the reliability of the product.