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Velux Certified Installer
VELUX Roof windows
VELUX Windows
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Conservation Windows
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VELUX Conservation Window

Desingned for use in conservations areas. Meets the required standard for conservation areas in Edinburgh.

Roof Windows
Velux centre pivot roof window
Velux Roof Windows

The world leading roof window brand. Available in a range of sizes and finishes to suit any project.

Sun Tunnels
Velux Sun Tunnel
VELUX Sun Tunnels

Sun Tunnels are desingned for use where it's not possible to install a Roof window. a cost-effective way to allow light in to low light internal areas.

Velux flat roof windows
Velux Flat Roof Window
Flat Roof Windows

The VELUX flat glass rooflight stands out as a stylish yet discreet feature on any roof with a 5-15° pitch

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Velux Certified Installer

At MGF Roofing we pride ourselves on our high standards. Continually trying to improve our services and ensuring our clients receive the best possible service. By joining the VELUX Certified Installer scheme it allows our clients to have peace of mind that all of our roof window installations are carried out to the highest standards. There are only a select few Roofing Companies that are certified installers in Edinburgh. Offering the full range of products ensures that we can carry out the works. Should that be The replacement of an existing roof window or the installation of entirely new flat roof, including windows.

Why Choose a VELUX Certified Installer?

As a VELUX certified installer, we must comply with VELUX Stringent regular checks by independent industry experts. Including regular on-site inspections during installation, ensuring the quality of our work meets the required standard.  Becoming a VELUX certified Installer allows us to work closely with the manufacturer, receiving regular updates on products and installation procedures. Ensuring that all our staff up to date with any new techniques and are being implemented. VELUX Certified Installers must comply with stringent and regular checks and assessments by independent industry experts including:

  • Examination of their financial records and trading history
  • Provision of relevant documents such as public liability insurance
  • Credit checks
  • References from previous customers
  • Compliance with Certified Installer Code of Practice


New Roof Window Installations

MGF Roofing installs the full range of  VELUX Roof Windows from you standard Center-pivot and Top-hung windows to  VELUX INTEGRA solar powered and electric windows comfort and ease of use. Our fully trained and highly experienced teams have the ability to carry out the complete work scope including; structural roof alterations, installation of electrical and solar components.  As a VELUX approved installer you can rest assured that our workmanship meets the highest standards. Working closely with the factory ensuring that we are up to date with new products and installation techniques gives our clients peace of mind that the installation is carried out correctly to the highest standards.

Roof Window Products:

  • VELUX INTEGRA® remote-controlled windows, blinds and shutters let you open and close with just one touch of the control pad.
  • VELUX CABRIO® The innovative balcony adds air, light and a great view to your home. For added convenience, the balcony fits flush with the roof when closed.
  • VELUX Conservation Window Adheres to the requirements of most conservation authorities. Particularly important in Edinburgh.
  • Top-hung & Centre-pivot Roof Windows  Standard VELUX roof windows offered in a variety of different sizes and finishes.
  • Combination Roof Windows  Sloping and verticle combination windows allow you to add an additional window element. Allowing more light into the room.


Replacement Roof windows

VELUX has been offering the same range of roof windows for the past 40 years, a direct size match to your existing window is usually available.  VELUX Roof windows have advanced with technology and material advancements meaning that old roof windows are no match for their modern-day counterparts. Offering a much wider range of glazing options including noise reduction and privacy glazing increased thermal efficiency. Also offering a range of finishes and the introduction of White Polyurethane frames. This reduces maintenance and mould issues that may have been an issue with previous windows. Replacing your roof window may not be as expensive as you thought. As most of the structural work is already completed, in most cases we can have the new window replaced in a day.



Modular Skylight Systems

VELUX Modular Skylight systems are designed for flat roofs. Modular components which are connected together creating a bespoke skylight to your custom specification. Please download the brochure for information on packages offered.














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