Traditional Roof Windows

Traditional Roof windows

Edinburgh is a city full of heritage, with this comes amazing architecture and and our responsibility to maintain it for future generations. Here at MGF we take this seriously offering Traditional roof window repair and replacement. All to regularly wee see Traditional roof windows "cupolas" in a state of disrepair with potential dangerous consequences. The old addage "out of site, out of mind" rings true. Most tenement buildings ins Edinburgh have couples of substantial size to illuminate stairwells. MGF Roofing have become experts in repairing and replacing and installing cupolas Edinburgh. Should this be a repair of lead work, replacement glass or a complete replacement of the copula including internal finishing. We have the skills and expertise to carry all the works required. So whether it be a simple repair or complete bespoke new installation, give our team a call.

Traditional roof window repair

MGF traditional roof window repair services covers all aspects the roof window repairs including: Lead work, timber removal/repairs, slate repairs our team of tradesmen have years of experience carrying out such repairs and you can count on.  The gallery below shows one of our projects from statr to finish. This project was on a listed building in Edinburgh and had to be replaced like for like. Retaining as much of the original structure as possible.  A particularly challenging projects due to the initial structural issues from the rotten timber and profiling the timber to matching the existing.