Rope Access Edinburgh

MGF roofing Edinburgh is one of the leading Rope Access roofing contractors in Scotland. Carrying out Rope Access Edinburgh, Only a handful of roofing companies that offer high-level access solutions using Rope Access. Allowing our roofers to safely gain access to their work site with the use of ropes, reducing the need for scaffolding and associated costs. All of our roofers are IRATA trained, the highest industry standard available. MGF Roofing adheres to IRATA International Code of Practice. Ensuring the safety of our Technicians and public when undertaking any works. We have a proven track record of project management and safety.

MGF Rope Access

Operating from our Edinburgh base throughout Scotland and the UK. MGF Rope Access Edinburgh has become the premier rope access roofing company an Edinburgh and through Scotland. Our industry is now changing, erecting scaffolding for small remedial works is now a thing of the past. At MGF we are always looking to improve our service and reduce costs to our clients whether it is through our new roofing systems or our cost-effective approach to restricted access. In Edinburgh particularly where scaffolding requires planning and consent prior to erection, not to mention its intrusive nature. Covering your building in scaffolding not only looks bad but is also very costly. We are looking to raise awareness of Rope Access Edinburgh allowing our clients to make a decision on what access solution they require. There will always be a need for scaffolding, there is no need to have scaffolding erected for the smallest remedial works and inspection.

What is rope access?

Rope access is a system of work positioning, developed using techniques learned from climbing and caving. Over the years, these skills have been adapted for use commercially due to its’ versatility. Rope access is used as an alternative to more traditional access solutions such as scaffolding and mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs). A versatile access system, allowing unlimited movement in almost any direction, there are not many areas are out of reach. Eliminating the need for other complex and expensive access systems. The IRATA definition of rope access is: “IRATA International’s rope access system is a safe method of working at height where ropes and associated equipment are used to gain access to and from the workplace and to be supported there.”

  • Speed – the speed at which workers can gain access to, or from, difficult locations allowing technicians to carry out their designated tasks. Often with little impact on other operations nearby. A combination of which reducing both downtime for simultaneous operations and speed of which the tasks can be carried out. Reducing the total man-hours lost to each individual task, more importantly, “man-at-risk-hours” in turn reducing overall costs.


  • Less invasive - Due to the nature of rope access, the Systems can be easily be removed at the end of a shift providing less of a security risk to your premises. Additionally, reducing the footprint of the area required to gain access. This is particularly prevalent when carrying out work in densely populated urban areas. In addition to this Industrial Rope Access creates minimal architectural impact and very little in terms of ongoing maintenance cost, with ease of fast return visits, much different to the burden of scaffolding.


  • Safety - IRATA statistics show that rope access is an extremely safe form of access, showing that in 2011 there was only 1 fatality in 5 million hours of work - the first fatality in over a decade. IRATA a 2013 report shows the total number of accident/incident reports submitted for 2013 was 109 (55 less than 2012). From their data, the fatality rate for rope access is calculated at 0.08 per 1000 and 0.64 per 1,000 for reportable injuries. These statistics are relatively low, especially when compared with what seems like lower-risk jobs in factories and warehouse where serious injury reports run into the hundreds.

Rope Access Surveys

Surveys are typically carried out as a preliminary step to investigating the size of a job. These investigations can be requested by the company owning the building, an insurance company wanting to investigate a claim or even a company like ourselves writing a quotation. Used in conjunction with our UAV s these surveys are very cost-effective. allowing our clients to realise the full scope of works prior to work commencing. Surveys can vary dependant on our client's needs from a complete building survey prior to putting a job out to tender ensuring there are no hidden costs. to a simple debris survey after bad weather, ensuring that there no risk to the public due to loose objects that could potentially cause harm.

Rope Access Cleaning

Erecting scaffolding and using other access methods simple tasks such as gutter and window cleaning is not cost effective high-level cleaning solution. MGF offers our clients a range of rope access cleaning services.   We offer bespoke cleaning contracts to our clients. including window cleaning, gutter cleaning and internal atrium cleaning, graffiti removal and cleaning of stonework. All our cleaning methods are safe and environmentally friendly.

Rope Access Repairs

From small remedial works to large-scale projects our rope access technicians have the experience to carry all works safely and efficiently. As rope access is only a means of getting to your work site, we ensure that our rope access technician has the correct skills and knowledge to carry out the repairs correctly. For a full range of our repairs please go to our repairs page.

Rope Access Maintenance

Many companies allow small remedial works to go untreated to due to difficult access and the associated increased costs. Waiting for larger scale repairs to be budget for as spending thousands on menial repairs is hard to justify. MGF provide cost-effective maintenance packages allowing our client to address these small issues before preventing any further damage.  The use of rope access allows us to reduce costs over traditional access solutions such as scaffolding and mobile platforms. Please get in touch for more information on our maintenance programs.

 Rope Access Edinburgh

It is only feasible to include a sample of the possible uses where our rope access services can be used, as each job is slightly different. Rope Access Edinburgh is now a growing market ensure that you are receiving the quality and safety you require when choosing Rope access Edinburgh.  Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. If it’s not practical to erect scaffolding, we have experts at MGF Roofers Edinburgh who can guide can discuss our services offered including rope access. If you are interested in rope access roofing services then please visit our rope access page or contact a member of the team today and we will be happy to help.