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Liquid Applied Roofing Systems

MGF roofing was appointed by our client to find a cost-effective option for extending the life of there current asphalt flat roof. The current flat roof was at the end of its life, failing in sections allowing water to ingress in the garage area below. As the roof area is also used as the main walkway, we needed a roofing product which we could rely on. Being durable enough to withstand the foot traffic from both buildings and ensuring the long life of the product. We decided to proceed with SCL Polycoat 10, a rubber-based liquid applied roofing system which is durable and with elasticity to allow for any movement of the existing roof covering. Polycoat 10 is an overlay system which drastically reduces the amount of waste generated from a job by the new roofing system directly over the existing asphalt. As the existing roofing system remains in situ the amount of waste created was only the recyclable metal tins which the roofing system is transported. The roofing system remains elastomeric for the entire life of the material this is very important as its an overlay system and allows the new roofing system to allow for any movement between the two surfaces. The flat roof area was also finished with a non-slip finish to reduce the likelihood of any slips. On completion of the project, the client was issued with 10-year insurance backed guarantee.

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Project Information:


  • Flat Roof Area: 630m2
  • Roofing System: Polycoat 10 Liquid Applied Roofing System
  • Colour: Grey
  • Finish: Non-slip
  • Existing Roofing system: Asphalt
  • Sub-deck: Concrete
  • Contract Value: £25000 - £50000




Polycoat 10 Liquid Applied Roofing System


Polycoat 10 is a rubber based liquid applied, overlay roofing system. The system is cold applied and can be applied over most substrates. Please contact us should you require more information on this product.



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