Rope Access – Building Inspection – Edinburgh Scotland

Rope access building Inspection Edinburgh
Rope Access Building Inspection Edinburgh

Project Information:

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Services: Rope Access Building Inspection


Rope Access - Building Inspection - Edinburgh Scotland


Rope access building inspection was carried out in Edinburgh . The Rope Access building inspection covered masonry, roof and glazing conditon. Edinburgh is busy metropplitan city with an average footfall of 2500 people per hour on the main streets in the city centre.

Our Approach:

Due to the high footfall in the city, a high possibility of loose masonry with a working height 35m. We had to consider every possiblity. This included the possible affects of loose items being disturbed and falling on to the street below. Saftey to our teams and the public is our primary concern.

Key Considerations:

  • Public Saftey
  • Minimum disruption/Access footprint
  • Site to remain open and unnoffected by inspections

A descision was taken for the works to be carried out through the nigh using rope access. This resolved all the conasderations above at the lowest financial cost to our clients. Taking into acoount that there may also be peaktimes/nights, such as bars and clubs closing. The works were carried out Sunday to Thurdays to further reduce any risk. Ensuring that we had a high visibility presance and sufficient lighting to carry out the task was also a priroty.



All works were carried out on time and within budget. Zero incedents were reported for the duratio of the works. Multiple loose objects were removed from site or made safe. Our calculations confirmed if these loose items had fallen to the street below hitting a member of public this would have resulted in a fatality. A full photographic report was completed with supporting video footage. This was then submitted to our clien for review.



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