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Flat Roofs

Established and installing installing flat roofs in Edinburgh for many years, here at MGF Roofing we know the importance of a correctly installed flat roof. Due to very nature flat roofs installed incorrectly can be problematic. This is one of the main reasons that we only use the very best products available. Using products from companies such as Topseal, Rubberbond and Seamless Coatings, we ensure that we have the best materials available on the market. All of our flat roofing work is backed up by a minimum guarantee period ranging from 15 years to 40 years. yes, you read that correctly.... Our Topseal Double Top system has a 40 year guarantee. At MGF Roofing we offer the very best in modern flat roof technology, offering a range of options as not every roofing system is as suited to a particular use as the other.

for example, GRP is much harder wearing than EPDM making it much more suitable for balconies and walkways. on the other side of the coin due to its toughness and hard wearing attributes over very large areas this can cause its own problems. Our Specialist estimater take all these factors into consideration when suggesting the correct roofing system. Installing several KM2 of flat roofs every year we are very we versed in getting the correct roofing system for you

MGF roofing Services also carries out the more traditional flat roof coverings such as lead, Zinc and Bitumen Felt. Our primary goal as roofers is to provide you with the highest quality of workmanship and ultimately the best roofing Edinburgh services across the capital. For this, we have expert roofers who are skilled and trained to tackle every roofing problem that you might have. We are also committed to using the highest quality products which are durable. We assure our customers a great quality work and on-time delivery

MGF Roofers Edinburgh also has a rope access service that can be used to fix high roof systems on tenements and offices at an affordable cost as scaffolding will not be required. We have great expertise in traditional roofing services for both domestic and commercial customers and can provide a unique approach to repairing your roof.

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