Falling Masonry Edinburgh

Falling Masonry Edinburgh
falling masonry Edinburgh

Falling Masonry in Edinburgh City Centre

Further Falling Masonry has been identified ahead of the Storm Ali. Highlighting the importance of building inspection and maintenance, The lack of legislation, mandatory inspection and assessments to be carried out on the buildings in the city centre is putting the public at an unnecessary preventable risk. Private owners need to take responsibility for the maintenance and inspection of these aging buildings. MGF Roofing offers building inspection using modern technology such as drones to identify already loose masonry. With our rope access teams on standby to carry out any physical inspections or repairs that have been identified during the inspection. There have been multiple incidents this year alone, the lack of this instruction from the council is putting the public at risk. The most recent incident took place in Edinburgh city centre at Shandwick place, where a piece of falling masonry narrowly missed 50-year-old man (news article here).

MGF would like to see a much more proactive approach using our rope access and drone (UAV) surveys in Edinburgh city centre before someone is seriously injured due to falling masonry. Further information on services offered and liability can be found here.


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