Emergency repairs

Emerency Roof Repairs Edinburgh

MGF roofing offer  Emeregency roof repairs in Edinburgh. Undertaking a full range of Emergency  roof repair services including; Dangerous object and masonry removal, Slate roof tile repairs, Leadwork , Gutter repairs and replacement and many more. If you are unsure about anyof our services please contact us.  Our Emergency Roof Repair rope access teams have the ability to carry out emergency repairs without the requirement for scaffolding and associated delays. There are no permits required and we can carry out a large scope of works using this access method. This allows our customers to get any ingress, damage or other small to medium issues repaired without delay preventing further damage to their property. Our Emergency repair work is verified by supporting images and advised further remdial actions if necessary to prevent the issue recurring.

We are currently not opererating an out of hours emergency service. This is due to hazards of working at height an lack of light associated with out of hours works. Due to theadditional requirement of equipment for night work and lack of prepartion for emergency work could lead to reduction in saftey. Saftey of our work force is our primary concern.

As always, it depends on the work involved and duration of the repair. We make our customers aware of costs prior to sending our response teams out. On completion, images are supplied of the works undertaken, with time on site signed off by the client to ensure there is no confusion on cost. From this the client should have an idea of the invoice before it is issued, less any materials used.

There are two ways in which you can organise an emergency repair.

By Phone - Simply call the office on 0131 654 9506 and speak to one of our team.

By Website - Complete our emergency repair form here...... with as much information and supporting images as possible. This will allow us to identify the issue and ensure the correct materials and technicians are dispatched to site.

If works to repair the issues are larger and require further works to carry out a permanent repair than is possible in single visit. Our Emergency Repair Technicians will carry a temporary repair, identify the full scope of required works required for a permanent repair. customers will be made aware of the requirement of of further works. Temporary works will be confirmed by images taken. We will then issue a cost for the further repairs required.

Here are a few examples of how to classify what Emergency Repairs are:

  1.  Is the issue a safety concern putting the public or residents at risk?
  2. Are your experiencing ingress issues?
  3. If the issue were to get worse would it become a public safety issue?
  4. Is the issues causing a health hazard i.e. damged soil pipe
  5. Do any loose or damaged objects have the ability to cause harm or damage if they were to fall?

Any of the above items are classed a reasons for Emergency repair work.