Thinking about upgrading your existing conservatory roof? 

If you have had a conservatory installed a few years ago or have moved into a house with an existing conservatory. Are you looking to have longer periods of use of the room? As we all know, it's too cold in winter and too hot in summer. The thin polycarbonate roof installed on conservatories has very little insulation values, with solar effect heating the room to uncomfortable temperatures in summer and the opposite effect in winter of heatloss.

What are the benefits upgrading my consevatory roof?

Upgrading your existing conservatory  roof  and increasing the insulation installed is obvious, it allows the room to used all year round. With the increase of insulation there's is also the benefits of  sound reduction. No longer will the room be unbearable during heavy rain or should you be located next to a busy road.

What to expect? 

At MGF Edinburgh we only use the best products available, EXQUINOX roof systems are the best available conservatory roof systems available on the market. Lightweight and ease of installation helps reduce installation costs. All EXQUINOX roof systems are cover by a 10-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

How long will the installation take? 

Depending on how complex the conservatory, most roofs can be replaced in few days any additional roof windows or internal electrical works will add time to the installation. With the ease of installtion of the conservatory roof system and our experienced tradesmen, we always aim for minimum disruption to all our customers.

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