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Often overlooked is the integrity of structures / buildings, and the placed liability should anything happen due to the lack of maintenance resulting in an incident occurring from falling objects. In Edinburgh alone, there have been several incidents resulting in injuries and fatalities from falling objects. Below are just a few examples of such incidents.

Building Inspection Services

Whether this is damage to property or injuries to workers or the general public. MGF Roofing is among the very few roofing companies which offer a full range of services to building owners/occupiers. Helping reduce their liability by carrying out scheduled building maintenance offers complete inspection solutions, using modern day technology and rope access techniques to carry out inspections and surveys as cost-effectively with minimal disruption as possible.

UAV's (drones)

The use of UAV's more commonly known as drones, we have the ability to carry out quick detailed external building inspections. This is particularly useful following severe bad weather allowing us to ensure any items such as slates, Masonry of guttering has become loose posing potential. Our drones are equipped with the most advanced technology available. fitted with infrared to help provide leak detection heat loss areas. our 3d modelling and site surveying UAV's allow us to provide a 3 dimensional model of the areas being surveyed. this is particularly useful when measuring material loss such as stone decay on historic buildings. All our Drone Pilots have the correct qualifications and training ensuring that MGF adheres to all current legislation and HSE guidelines.

Rope Access Building Inspection

Rope Access

In support of our UAV's, we have dedicated rope access teams. Sometimes there is no substitute for physical inspections. This is particularly true with loose masonry items such as skews and coping stones and ornamental masonry. These can visibly appear to be secure, it's not until the items are physically test by our rope access teams that we are able to assert the security and integrity of these items. All of our inspections have photographic and video reports issue on completion with a list of remedial actions required.

ance and inspections helping reduce insurance premiums and liability to our clients. Our building inspection, repair and maintenance services are catered towards our clients needs to provide a cost-effective complete solution.

How common are accidents involving falling objects?

Numerous falling object accidents happen in public places or private residences every year. However, a large majority of serious accidents of this type occur in the workplace.

The definition of? struck by a moving object' includes objects falling from: structures such as ladders, buildings and mine shafts; lifting machinery, vehicles and other equipment; any other specified or unspecified way.

Who is responsible for falling object accidents?

For other accidents involving falling objects in another public or private setting, responsibility lies with the owner of the land or property. This could be a shopkeeper whose sign fell onto a passer-by or a building owner where something dropped from a window or balcony.

Compensation allocation for injury

guidelines are laid out by the Judicial College (formerly the Judicial Studies Board). This compensation reflects the nature and extent of any injuries, including likely recovery times. Compensation is laid out in the form of maximums and minimums awarded for any specific injury.

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As you can see, some of these figures are very large offsetting the cost of any building inspection,



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