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MGF Roofing offers roofing and building inspection services in Edinburgh and around Scotland. Having your roof or building inspected regularly is a fantastic preventative measure. I can help reduce insurance premiums and drastically reduce the costs of repair bills associated with long term unnoticed issues.  We combine two modern inspection techniques which allow us to reduce the overall cost of the inspection. Our main methods of inspection are Drone ( UAV ) for visual and pictorial inspection and rope access which allows us to undertake more in-depth physical inspection of any issues that are identified in the aerial inspection.

Why do I need my roof/building inspected?

Building and roofing inspections are required to ascertain the condition of your property. It allows us to catch any potential issues early preventing any further damage being caused. Roof and building inspections are also used in certain circumstances such as; following severe weather, or areas which are not easily visible/accessible to determine their condition. Whether this is debris such as loose slates, lead work, roofing tiles or masonry which has become loose damaged due to impact. A good inspection will give a clear picture of the condition and associated repair cost of any remedial works required prior to the works starting. This means that there should be no unforeseen costs when undertaking the works.

Drone inspection

Drone ( UAV ) Inspections

At MGF roofing we like to think that our UAV drone inspections are a cut above the rest. Our inspections are carried out by fully trained pilots to the required CAA standards with experience in the building industry. Ensuring that our drones are operated safely and within the law. with the experience and expertise, it allows our drone pilots to focus on areas of your building where issues are likely to occur.  Upon completion of our site drone inspectional the collected data is then reviewed by our team. Unlike most other companies, we carry out the inspection and analyse the collected data. We do not hand our inspection data for review, helping to reduce costs and ensuring that the data is read and processed correctly with all potential problems identified and the correct remedial actions put forward. Allowing our clients to be sure that the information that they are given is accurate and the correct remedial actions are put forward.

Why chose a drone inspection?

Drone inspections cost a fraction of the cost of physical inspections, and although they do not replace the requirement/need for physical inspections they do reduce the frequency of which they are needed. Drone surveys are ideal ways to make sure your roof or building is still in a good state following severe weather/storm.  Using drones we have the ability to collect large amounts of information and review it very quickly. Allowing for remedial actions to be recommended and carried out quickly. This is particularly important for any loose masonry or debris that has potential to cause harm it falls.  carried outFor larger inspection programs/ jobs we recommend that our rope access technicians are present. This is particularly important with roof and masonry inspections.  This allows us to rectify any issues that are identified immediately reducing any further should this be slipped slates or loose masonry that needs to be made safe.

Rope Access Inspection

Working in unison with our UAV ( Drone ) inspection. Our rope access technicians provide support if the further physical investigation,  or the removal of debris/loose items, or immediate repairs are required.  The ease and quick setup of ropes allow our rope access technicians to carry out any repairs quickly and safely.   There is no need for the erection scaffolding, an unnecessary cost and delay, prior to the commencement of works resulting in increased cost. Our rope access technicians are qualified roofers and stone masons. This ensures that we have the required skills and experience to undertake any remedial works. Using rope access is only a means to access the work site to ply their specific trade. Unlike most other rope access companies in Scotland who only have technicians with limited experience.   For more information on Rope Access Inspection click here.

What is included in my building inspection?

Our building inspections inspect the following areas:

  • Masonry - masonry and mortar condition
  • Roof - Flat roofs, Pitched roofs, lead work, skews
  • Guttering
  • Windows - Sealant and condition
  • Timber condition

Areas Covered

MGF Roofing carries out Aerial and Rope Access roofing and building inspections in Edinburgh, Glasgow and throughout Scotland.



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