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Damp causes


  Damp One of the most common issues that we deal with in Edinburgh. Damp issues and causes are often misdiagnosed or incorrectly repaired. Traditionally-built buildings can be prone to […]

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About Slate Roofs

About slate roofs? Many traditional buildings in Edinburgh have a slate roof. Scottish slates varied in size bring produced in different lengths and widths. The lower roof had the larger slates […]

copulas Edinburgh


  For Cupolas call 0131 654 9506 to Speak to a member of our team Copulas Cupolas also know as Pyramid / roof lantern skylights, are common on the Edinburgh […]

edinburgh roof repairs

Roof Repairs Edinburgh

Roof Repairs Edinburgh If you need roof repairs Edinburgh then working with a reliable and trustworthy company is vital. MGF Roofers Edinburgh is known for providing services of the highest […]

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New Roofs Edinburgh

New Roofs Edinburgh Getting a new roof can sometimes seem like a daunting prospect but if you are are looking for new roofs Edinburgh specialists then MGF Roofers Edinburgh are the […]