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GRP Coping Covers | MGF Roofing Edinburgh

Bespoke GRP Coping Covers

GRP coaping

MGF Roofing Edinburgh are Scotland's No 1 roofing specialist and we can manufacture GRP cope covers to almost any shape and size at a fraction of the cost of lead lining or stone replacement. Because the covers are manufactured bespoke off-site this means that there is minimum disruption to our clients with minimum site presence.

GRP / Fibreglass coping covers provides a cost effective alternative to lead lining whilst also providing superior material qualities over traditional Lead lining. With a life expectancy of 50+ years,  GRP Cope coverings are the only choice for long term, hassle free repair . As these are bespoke we can guarentee a perfectfit, no need to cut or adjust them unlike similar generic sized products that can be bought over the internet. These can be manufactred in any British Standard colour and can be either smooth (lead) or textured (stone)  finishes. Please give us a call to discuss any questions you may have about this product.

  • aAdvantages
    • Over 1,000 different combinations of colours, and specialist finishes available.
    • Versatile and flexible for new build, replacement roofs, listed or iconic buildings.
    • 25-year product & workmanship guarantee with an optional insurance-backed guarantee, without loopholes or excuses.
    • Life expectancy of over 100 years.
    • Fully trained and Topseal approved installer
    • Environmentally friendly by design and safe to install – no heat required.
    • BBA Approved, Fire Retardant and completely UV resistant.

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