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Rope Access Surveys | MGF Roofing Edinburgh

A building rope access survey is an important preliminary step to doing any kind of building repair work and when it’s done accurately, the cost is invaluable. Without a proper building survey. Many maintenance/surveying companies will erect scaffolding, an unnecessary cost, prior to the commencement of works resulting in increased cost for scaffolding hire and increasing the presence of construction works in the immediate area needed to gain access to particular areas. Industrial Rope Access creates minimal architectural impact and very little in terms of ongoing maintenance cost, with ease of fast return visits, much different to the burden of scaffolding. Rope Access means minimal disruption to building occupants, pedestrians and traffic flow.


  • Visual building surveys and safety removals;
  • Storm damage repair
  • leak investigations
  • Access assistance to non-rope access professionals.


  • Building surveys – condition or baseline surveys, fault identification (e.g. causes of damp)
  • Brickwork testing – permeability, compression strength, mortar composition
  • Wall tie investigations – type, density, effectiveness, projected life span
  • Concrete and mortar sampling and testing to NAMAS standards – mix, ASR, chloride, cement content
  • Paint and condition monitoring
  • Steel, aluminium and cast iron testing including section loss
  • Dimensional surveys including line, level and verticality checks
  • NDT works Including:
    • MPI (magnetic particle inspection)
    • ET (Eddiecurrent Testing)
    • UT (Ultrasonic Testing)