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rope access services  

  • What is Rope Access
  • Advantages
  • What is Rope Access?

    The International Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) describes rope access as ‘a safe method of working at height where ropes  and associated equipment are used to gain access to and from the work place, and to be supported there’.

    Climbing and caving rope skills are now being put to good use commercially, providing workers with a much safer and cheaper way of accessing areas that are at great height or are awkward to reach. Traditionally scaffolding would be erected and although it still does have its place in the building industry, it often doesn’t help if the part of the building you need to get to is beyond the reach of the scaffolding. It can also be overly expensive if the job to be carried out will only take a short time once you reach it.

  • Advantages of Rope Access

    • Speed - This method allows workers to access difficult locations quickly with no need for erecting scaffolding. Once there, the ropes give them flexibility to work easily and efficiently.
    • Safety - Our staff are fully trained in the use of ropes, therefore are completely safe when working at height.
    • Security - Ropes are always removed when staff complete their task so your premises have no additional security risk while we work. This is not the case when scaffolding is required.
    • Cost - Rope access is cheaper than erecting scaffolding.

Rope Access Services

Our Rope Access Services have been split into 4 main areas and we have a webpage describing each service in greater detail.

Rope Access Surveys

Surveys are typically carried out as a preliminary step to investigating the size of a job.  These investigations can be requested by the company owning the building, an insurance company wanting to investigate a claim or even a company like ourselves writing a quotation.

Rope Access Cleaning

We offer bespoke rope access cleaning contracts for your premises.  Our skills are often required for window cleaning, gutter cleaning and internal atrium cleaning.  This method offers little disruption to our clients.

Rope Access Repairs

Building repairs and maintenance carried out by rope access is cost effective and environmentally kind.  We can repair pointing, gutters and fix many other building problems by rope.

Rope Access Equipment Examination & Testing

We can test, install and maintain your Eye Bolts and any mechanical equipment used for lifting people eg mobile work platforms.

A few other common services provided are:-

It is only feasible to include a sample of the possible uses where our rope access services can be used, as each job is slightly different.  Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.